The Holiday Kit

Base Price: $150.00

Unpack then Unwind with the Holiday Kit.  Add in wine or beer chilled on your arrival.



Unpack then Unwind with this holiday kit including mini grazing box get you through that first night plus a selection of condiments and local breakfast treats to last your time away down on the coast.


  • Zeally Bay Southern Casalinga
  • L ‘artisan Marcel & crackers
  • Barwon Valley charcuterie
  • Pretzel, apricot and walnut mix
  • Triple Chocolate Bellarine Brownie (280gm)
  • Seasonal fresh fruit
  • Adelia GF nut & Chia Granola (400gm)
  • Adelia Vanilla Bean Pancake Mix (400gm)
  • Lardass butter (225gm)
  • Wes Eggs (6)
  • Apostle Whey Milk (500ml)
  • The Otway Kitchen Jam

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm